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Leather Belts

J & E Sedgwick Bridle Leather Belts


Made in Singapore by a local craftsman. The leather belts are made with Bridle leather from J & E Sedgwick. Bridle leather are typically used to make horse bridle, thus they need to be extremely durable and flexible, explaining the toughnes.


The holes can be punched on your own to ensure a customised fit that is truly your own. Alternatively, we can assist with the punching too. We would recommend to leave an 8 inches allowance from the hole to the tail of the belt.


The belts come in 3 different styles:


  • 30mm, Black, Steel hardware, 118cm (leather)
  • 30mm, Brown, Steel hardware, 122cm (leather)
  • 34mm, Black, Titanium hardware 122cm (leather)